MA’s city of void – Final + Documentation

Our Sounds:

Sound 1:

Sound 2:


Eventually, we settled on a sine wave module as it reminds us of a sound wave, and is an interesting module to work with as it is uncommon.

Feedback for improvements – to add in more metallic pieces, back and forth to create more depth. And to also remove the mesh, and add more metallic pieces at the ‘hub’ area.

Mnemosyne Project Research

“Method of Visualisation”


Pink Pineapple, COCO Chanel, Flower Shuttle, YELLOW paint

Imagery helps information sticks through recollection of its visual associations such as colour, texture, shape etc.

Olfactory Memory


Smells can either trigger traumatic memories, or uplift your mood through pleasant memories and aromatherapy

My Two Scents

Pleasant Scent

Unpleasant Scent

Recycled Plastic Art

The end.

Thank you for reading! Can’t wait to experiment with plastics for this project 🙂

Ikebana Winter (Final & Process)







Version 1 – Petals are slightly jagged and not as smooth.

Version 2 – The arrangement of petals flows better in the second try. Smoother as well 🙂


  • side, top, front view + analysis
  • Final image