Lore 5: Law

Beacon Law:

Beacon has strict regimentation and also a high level of propaganda. Once any citizen of Beacon acts against their law, Beacon officials will not hesitate to imprison that individual which also includes heavy torture and may also imprison their family members just to intimidate the prisoner. There is also a scheme that if any citizen reports cases of suspicious individuals, these individuals might be sent to prison as well. (In all of Beacons’ history, 20,847 has been tortured to death)

Alchemists Law:

Alchemists trust each other and even new members. Once any wanderers wants to join the Alchemists, they have to pass through a series of test for endurance, speed, intellect and reaction. These are just some basic entry levels of being an Alchemist. Those who are unable to pass the tests will be ask to leave their grounds in a few days.  One of the main law is that Alchemists once reveal themselves in front of any other factions as an identity as an Alchemist, they will have to execute the people from the other faction.

For Alchemists who have broken the law, they will be striped of the technique to search other Alchemists. The stripping of the search technique will also siphon away all of their former powers and will be outcast by the Alchemists. (In all of Alchemists’ history, none of the Alchemists was ever prosecuted)

Forged Law:

Forged is a savage community thus laws are broken very frequently. However, there is three main rules that all members of Forged must follow. First, all loots will be handed over to their chief and will be redistributed to the other members. The member who did the loot will be given bonus. Second, all member should not raid/ steal from other members of the same tribe but can still raid from other tribes of the Forged community. Three, all Forged member have to be branded with a forged logo at the back of their neck.

Members who break any of these laws will be prosecuted to death by execution immediately. (In all of Forged history, 45,965 has been sentence to death by execution)

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