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A mask from the point of view of believe is glyphs


———————————————————-Glyph is an elemental symbol within an agreed set of symbols, intended to represent a readable character for the purposes of writing. As such, glyphs are considered to be unique marks that collectively add up to the spelling of a word, or otherwise contribute to a specific meaning of what is written, with that meaning dependent on cultural and social usage.


From this illustration, I want to convey a message that an image can be interpreted by one person can vary as different people come from different personal background.


The whole illustration is made up of manycircular elements. I drew half of the entire drawing first and then slowly draw the other side to try to make it symmetric. From the top,there is a helmet or a bull which represents strenght.1

The effect really depends on what personal experience you have. At the bottom, there is a small owl which represents wisdom.2

In the middle, there is a mystical eye which represent belief.3

For this piece of artwork, I used stippling to illustrate believe. In life there are many scenarios thus using the elements of circles will represent the many different situations people encounter.

Final Outcome


For the Final Outcome, I put the entire illustration on canvas effect to give a tribal vibe. I chose beige to give the background a neural feel thus also having contrast with the illustration.



A mask from the point of view of knowledge is a tome


Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving,discovering, or learning. A tome is a large book, especially one volume of a multi-volume scholarly work.

From this illustration I want  to portray the ‘face’ of knowledge is a tome. Tome in the ancient times are very rare and will have a fetch a high value if sold off. Tomes are always associated with knowledge. From this illustration I use a full digital approach as there are many resources online that will portray the image of tomes effectively.

1Firstly, I found this book texture on line which has an intricate border. The intricate patterns on the sides are some of the features tomes have.


Secondly, I added in a circular pattern in the centre to give a ‘topic’ to the tome. As eagle in many believes means all seeing, it is logical to put a eagle logo onto the face of a knowledge tome. The 10 orbs around the pattern represents elements of life and death.


Thirdly, I added tribal looking inscriptions into the cover as it will bring the mystical vibe to the entire composition. Inscriptions are used in many ancient texts and they also represent written knowledge people pass down till this day.

Final Outcome


For this final effect, I used the colourize function to make all the features of the tome blend together.IMG20160320113953


A mask from the point of view of  squid is ink


For this illustration, I wanted to portray how people use desperate measures when it comes to desperate situations. Similar to the squid, when we face certain problems in life that are too hard to handle, we would tell a lie or shun it to prevent ourselves from any further trouble.


For this illustration, I draw the illustration by hand and then add effects to the drawing afterwards using filters. The above is an depiction of a squid squirting ink to mask/ camouflage itself of its predator or enemy.free-paper-texture-6

I used this background above to use as a backdrop for the entire background for the ‘ocean’.

Different Effects


  1. The effect below gives a blurred and evasive overall look to the illustration.


2. This effect below gives a clean feel which does not portray the sudden movements that squids make when facing a predator


3. This effect is very heavy on the line work which has too much contrast from the background. It looks as though the whole illustration is too superficial.1
Final Outcome

This effect has enough contrast to bring out the elements of the squid and the ink. It also gives a evasive look without too much blur. Thus, I chose this effect as my final.3



A mask from the point of view of war is peace


For this illustration, I want to bring across an idea that powerful countries are sending troops to various parts of other country to apparently ‘bring peace’ to the country by having a war. This makes no sense as that powerful country is just using the name of peace for war.


Similar to the squid illustration, I use a mix medium of hand drawing and photoshop to create the desired effect I want. This half grenade half heart represents half peace and half war. As grenades are often used in war for damage in an area, it is appropriate to use in this context. The bleeding heart is often associated with sadness and death which is what war brings to the people of the affected counties. war peace

This is one of the compositions I tried before I chose my final composition. The yellow square actually associates with national geographic which is often associated with documentaries and news. I wanted to use this frame to portray that what we see from news and on TV is really just what media wants us to see. Most of the ‘real’ side of new is cut out so that authorities is able to ‘control’ their people.

Final Outcome


For this composition, I decided to use the barbed wire effect to represent war and the dark and cold background to represent the lifelessness of the aftermath of war. The illustration on the wall has  a  little bit of colour to suggest a green grenade and a red bleeding heart. Only the important subjects has colour, thus, this will bring out the entire illustration from the background.



A mask from the point of view of sweets is flavours


My approach for this illustration is to have another version for ‘life is like a box of chocolate’. My version is if ‘life is like a box of sweets’. I wanted to portray that in many instances of life, you will probably be lied to and although they are all lies, it is the different way of putting the idea across that makes the very same lie another flavour.

For this illustration, I created the structure using 3D software with a warm background so that there would be a contrast with the cold white box.sweets.10

Next I found several textures of fruits that represented the lies within the box.

original_slice-scarf DSC_0011 752050 69704tt 17.fruit-textures wm99894tt watermelon_texture655 strawberry_texture2586 QD4A5329

Lastly, I literally masked the flavours onto the structure to create the texture that resembles that flavour of sweet.

Final Outcome

fruits IMG20160320113458


A mask from the point of view of technology is system interface


System interface is the ‘face’ of any technology. Be it windows 95 or window xp or the famous apple 2. Interface actually shows how fast and reliable a technology is.

Firstly, I started with a cold background with a slight vignette effect to represent the cold interaction between humans and technology.

process 1-01

Next, I try to add in different elements of the interface to create a believable futuristic interface.

Computer is interface 3-01

Lastly, I change some of the elements to all white as it will have contrast which the background and also bring out the other elements.

Computer is interface 4-01

Final Outcome 

Computer is interface 5-01



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