Tag: 4D

Chapter One: Rubick

The glimpse of sunlight shines through the densely populated rainforest of the outskirts of the beacon network. Heriette slowly opens up her eyes under a tall and barky rain tree. Just as her eyes were adjusting to the piercing sunlight, Heriette was clubbed with a blunt weapon by two Beacon scouts from the back. Several minutes passed. Heriette started to… Read more →

Lore 1 : Background Story

Lore: Background Stories The game is set in 2040 and the world is short of resources. Government of all countries has fallen. Plentiful groups of scavengers had set out to find food, water and shelter. People consumed too much GMO (Genetically modified organisms) foods which cause 50% of the world population to have unique powers. It is believed that in 2050,… Read more →

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