Lore 3: Authority and Factions

Founder of Beacon Network

Beacon camps are scattered all over the world. The network of Beacon was created by a person named Aspen. Her concept was to sustain and unite the human race to kill off doctor Andrei so that history would rewrite itself. With that in mind, she started raising funds and collecting resources to build up Beacon as a network that sends capable people back in time to complete the mission.

Access to Beacon

People with distinct symbols that are branded the back of the hand are allowed to enter Beacon. The selection of people are based on their unique powers. Sometimes, people with special powers does not want to join the Beacon network but they are captured due to their unique powers that they are able to provide.

Security of Beacon

The guards of Beacon are high trained individuals who are brain washed to serve for a better cause. They are well fed and accommodated. They have an accessory called Void Bracer. These braces renders nearby unique powered individuals to lose their powers when they are in range of the Void Bracer. Guards will capture any unknown individuals around their camps. Beacon frequently sends out scouts and use them to seek for individuals with unique powers that will be useful for their ‘Mission’.

Enemies of Beacon

There is two major faction that constantly fought with the Beacon. One is known as the Forged. Another is known as the Alchemist.

Forged Community

Forged is a community that pillages all travellers/ other factions. They are basically ‘land pirates’. They are known for their ability to forge weapons using the Void shards. These weapons are so powerful that only personal from the utmost tier of their hierarchy can hold them. Although Forged community is strong, when they face the guards/scouts of Beacon, they will retreat due to the Void Bracer the Beacon members carry.

The Alchemists

The Alchemists is an resilient group of travellers who refines Void shards into various usable materials. they are immune to the Void Bracer of the Beacon Guards. Both the Forged and the Beacon fears them.  Alchemists are wise and insightful, but when they identifies members from the Forged or Beacon, Alchemists can tear them apart easily. However, to other wanderers, Alchemists will just ignore them.

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