2D_002_Research: Zine References


So, for the Zine final project, we were asked to find 5 zines as references. I get them by browsing through many websites and the five I like are taken from Behance, the source link is linked to the title of each zine.

  1. Zine Risografia E Serigrafia
    From this zine, I like the idea of two analogous colors being combined together. Not necessarily having same proportion in every page and not necessarily one being more dominant either.
  2. An Experiment in Risograph
    From this zine, the idea of risograph attracts me, maybe it is the analogous color combination also. But from here, I learnt and researched more on the effect of overprint. And I hope I could implement this effect in my zine.

  3. The Art of the DJ Zine
    This zine inspired me to convert real photo into the illustration kind. I planned to do this by editing the photo in Photoshop then using the ‘image trace’ function in Adobe Illustrator.
  4. Mindset 
    The complementary colors of this zine really catch my eyes and I love how it gives me the feeling of strength yet sweet..? I sampled my zine theme color from this zine.
  5. Crime Zine
    For the proportion of my mainly 2 complementary colors, I decided to follow this zine. It looks balanced yet actually each spread has one more dominating color.


So I decided to implements those interesting elements for my zine.

  • Style and effect of pages uses a kind of risograph and overprint from Zine Risografia E Serigrafia and An Experiment in Risograph
  • Style of the photos uses image trace effect like The Art of the DJ Zine
  • Colors sampled from the Mindset
  • Proportion of colors inspired by the looks balance composition of Crime Zine



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