Video Selfie – A Weird Side of Me

For my video selfie, I decided to go a bit ‘old-school’ and to play around with one of the effect photobooth offers on the mac (childhood things of my generation). I decided to do something my best friend and I usually do when we are lounging at home, as we play a song, somewhat dance and sing along with extra props (which I do not have during this raw take). I was recording this in front of my friends in a classroom, in the hive when I just remembered I had to record a video selfie and upload it. This video shows my inner weird side that my friends usually see, hence, I was comfortable recording this in front of them. Moreover, I like to jam to songs as I act along the lyrics with a little vanity in front of the camera. I guess I am camera-shy at first but as I get use to it, I get comfortable? in a way of showing my true goofy self in reality. Im just a kid having fun!

Author: Daphne Ngatimin

everyone's got an act.

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