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Project 4: MA’s Obscure City of Voids – Group B

Our group’s individual mood box posts may be viewed accordingly:

Dion’s | Fizah’s | Teri’s


Sound files A and B: The initial sound compositions for our group’s mood boxes
G02_B_GolgonBGM: Soundtrack for our group’s city of voids


Please click HERE to view the full PDF of our group’s City of Voids.
We tried to upload the page images here but OSS crashes every time the post is opened cry

Project 4: MA’s Obscure City of Voids (Individual Mood Box)

Below is my individual mood box for Group B’s sound composition.

We had come up with two sound compositions:

My mood box has been based on sound file A.

The full PDF of the model’s analysis may be viewed here (highly recommended!!!).

It was later decided as a group that the banana shaker would be the dominant instead, as it is the only sound that lasts throughout the entire sound file.