2D-(Assignment 1) My Line Is Emo- Mono Printing (1)

To me ( My Line Is Emo) is really an interesting project, not only that I’ve learn new technique, recognized more artist but most importantly I felt like I manage to widen my creativity. I used to be a person that narrows my creativity, not thinking out of the box and always end up stuck in the process of my work. Anyway, photo tells a thousand words so I’m not gonna say much.

Week 2

Week 2 I learn a new technique called mono print, my very first post on oss was about me not knowing anything about mono printing and mark making, now I know!



Step 1: Roll ink onto mat

Step 2: Place Items on mat( I uses cling wrap in the photo)

IMG_1080 IMG_1075


Step 3: Use a Mono printing machine roll over/ Use a Roller to roll over/ Press it with a flat tool


We also had a discussion with half of our classmates on the reference artist for this project:) We shared different opinion we have on the artist artwork, style as well as our favorite artists. It was a really helpful activity, even though we research on the same group of artist but eveyone have a different opinion of different artist’s artwork.

For me I choose Andy Warhol because honestly, I can’t get the pee artwork our of my mind HAHA! It was impressive, but errrr………….well, “non-environmental friendly”

P.s I really love the little Cai Guo Qiang my classmate Vania drew on the paper!!!

IMG_1088IMG_1056Artist Research (Reference)

I actually spend quite a lot of time researching on each and every artist, because i don’t really know much artist previously other than Andy Warhol, Leonado Da Vinci or Picasso.

I realize these artist create art in a totally different style. Some creates art based on their family background, some because of political issues, crazy art style and some created art without a story because he doesn’t think there is a need to.

In general, just one week lesson and homework allows me to gain alot of knowledge that I didn’t have before. It was really enjoyable and definitely very helpful for project 1.



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