Open Source Culture

Open Source is a open software that facilitates the sharing of creative material online for any identity to use or engage in. It is a concept that contrasts the nature of copyright issue, which exists to protect the copyright holder’s material, be it books, media, music, film etc. However, Open Source materials can be used by anyone, and anyone can share his or her materials with everyone else. In a way, this has been the way creative content has always been shared, before the emergence of Copyright. The article explains that art is a social act, that it is naturally a two way mode of communication where artist and audience exchange ideas, yet proprietarianism has changed this nature of art.

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Open Source challenges the  traditional proprietary modes of artistic creation and production by providing a platform for people from all walks of life to engage in creative content exchange, just like the way creation and production used to be. The creator may share his content with everyone, and in exchange receive feedbacks and revision. Creative content is therefore as much of a product of society as it is of the creator or any individual that engages in the content.

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