During the kampong days, ghost stories were precautionary warnings to be wary of spirits who appear as the things that you are most frightened by. I believe in many of these stories, and I am fascinated at how closely tied to nature they are (eg. Frangipani scents or Banana trees). I wanted to make a series on the vast variety of Malay ghosts, many of which have affected generations of Malay people, and those I grew up hearing.

Some included Orang Minyak; an oil covered man who so that he can attack young women, Pontianak; a woman who died while during pregnancy; Hantu Raya; a big ghost that manifests itself in the form of its owner; and Hantu Galah; the tall ghost, where eye contact brings you to another dimension. Nur, the divine light from the house, is the faith of the villagers who still continue their daily lives.

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