Project 1 : Alter Ego

Human beings are not one-dimensional and sometimes we need another persona to express different facets of our personality.  There are things that only the alter ego could get away with. In some cases it is hard to distinguish which character is really the alter ego.

Below is the first list of characters whom I have a special affinity to;


List #1

    1. Fictional/literature
        – Maleficent (from Maleficent)

        – Yasmin Muhammad (from Banting)
        – Dawan (from Sing to the Dawn)
        – Lucy Pevensie (from The Chronicles of Narnia)
        – Andrea Sachs (from Devil Wears Prada)

    2. Public Figures
        – Angelina Jolie (Actress, filmmaker, humanitarian)

        – Oprah Winfrey (Media propreitor, talk show host, actress, producer, philanthropist)
        – Malala Yousafzai (Activist, youngest Nobel Prize laureate)
        – Nayla Al Khaja (Filmmaker)
        – Zoella Sugg (Fashion and beauty vlogger,YouTuber, author)

    3. People You Know/Have Known
        – Munirah Jaafar aka Nirrosette (Pri/Sec school senior, author)

        – Sukina Ibrahim (Mother)
        – Huda Harris (Best friend)
        – Auntie Devi (Workplace Janitor)
        – Mdm Sukarti Asmoin (Pri/Sec school principal)


List #2 (Take top two/three from each categories above)


    1. Fictional/literature

Maleficent (from Maleficent)


Maleficent is in every sense of the evil. Her hunger for death and destruction are staggering throughout all of her appearances, she is cruel and shrewd, and shows no real affection to anyone other than her pet.


Yasmin Muhammad (from Banting)


The story premis of ‘Banting’ asks the fundamental question: “Can a muslim girl do everything that other girls do?” Smart, witty and vivacious, Yasmin is a teenager who tries really hard to do her mother’s bidding but everything changes when she chances upon the sport of professional wrestling and transforms into her masked alter ego, the tough and fearsome Zarith Blade.


Andrea Sachs (Devil Wears Prada)


Andrea is a girl who does not care what other thinks, does not take herself too seriously and is willing to endure a lot. Throughout the film, she struggles to hold on to her job, sanity, boyfriend, and friends.


    2. Public Figures

Oprah Winfrey


First off, Oprah Winfrey is a powerful and influential woman. She is also one of the few start that even though they are rich, they know where they came from and they use their money to help out the world. I believe she is a positive role model and a smart person.


Malala Yousafzai


Malala has a rebellious nature and choses to rebel against the traditions that suppress women. She showed immense courage by speaking out against the Taliban in support of girls’ right to education.


Zoe Sugg


Zoella, as known by her YouTube followers, is a fun and quirky lady who vlogs about everything that involve fashion and beauty. Little do we know that behind that bubbly smile lies a person who suffers from self doubt and anxiety.


    3. People You Know/Have Known

Auntie Devi
Auntie Devi is someone who prioritizes the people in her life more than herself. Although she is always seen smiling, she has been facing obstacles in her life and refuses anyone’s help.


Mdm Sukarti Asmoin
Mdm Sukarti is known as a typical fierce principal, terribly feared by her students. However, senior students would know that she is nothing but that. Being a good leader, she is like a mother who puts the needs of others in front of her own.
Final (Choose one character from the previous list)


I have always been drawn to Maleficent. She was dark and powerful and vengeful yes, but not evil. The depiction of Maleficent in the 2014 film was not so much as the “Mistress of Evil” but rather as a terribly wronged Fairy Queen.

When King Stefan and his Queen had a daughter, she placed a curse on her, declaring that princess Aurora would prick her finger on a spinning wheel just before her 16th birthday, putting her to sleep until awakened by true love’s kiss.

Maleficent retold the well-known story, but from the perspective of the villain. It was her journey from being a happy fairy to a broken-hearted, bitter villain.

We learnt that Maleficent was not always so evil, revealing that she knew Stefan years before the part of the story that most know. It was an interesting piece of the puzzle that showed exactly why she would want to curse an innocent infant, whereas before we only knew her as just an evil fairy.

For the 1-minute video, I would like to portray the hate-filled Maleficent we all knew in the first place, a character trait that developed in her due to King Stefan’s betrayal. I also decided to use the scene where she came to the birth party for revenge.


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