Project 1 : Process 1.1



  • The ‘end-result’ or ‘residue’
  • If you leave or give the object some time, it will get more worse

I had tried to relate it to life by saying that if you see someone being left along for so long, approach him and lend him a hand before it gets too late. People like that tend to suffer by themselves.



1. Gardener
(but all my plants die)

2. Weak (but I have low stamina)

3. Veggie-hater (so i leave them untouched)

4. Tea-lover (so i leave stains everywhere)

5. Sweet (but attract bugs instead)

6. Hot-tempered (cool off quickly though)



Initial ideas

1. Gardener
– dried flowers
– if you leave the flowers for so long, they will dry up

I planned to use soil as its background with my name arranged by the dried flowers. For this, I was inspired by Nicola Sandford’s ‘Rotten is the new fresh’ typography where she used flowers found on her street.

Typo - Gardener


2. Weak
– rustic metal
– if you leave it exposed to rain for so long, it will become rust

I wanted to create a metal-stamping technique using a bold font to represent the ‘strong’ attribute at first and became weak after some time. I came across a company called ‘Drop Metal’ which created metal signages and had a signature rustic look.
Typo - Weak

3. Veggie-hater
– rotten/decayed veggie
– if you leave it untouched, it will become mouldy

For this attribute, I wanted to show that every time I eat, I would leave the vegetables untouched. I was inspired by this typography work by Louisa Hadjipetrou who created it using various edible items to promote literacy and healthy eating.
Typo - VeggieHater

4. Tea-lover
– tea stains
– if you leave the stains, it will dry up and gets difficult to remove

I loved tea so much that I would drink it all the time. However, I tend to leave stains everywhere; the table, my clothes, my papers etc. I came across a coffee-stained typography done by Mark Hossain to represent his ‘Coffee’ and was inspired by it to create my version of ‘Tea’.
Typo - TeaLover


5. Sweet
– candy with insects on it
– if you leave the candy out in the open, it will attract insects

For this attribute, I wanted to show that I could be a sweet person but instead of attracting people, I attracted insects. I was inspired by Patrick Simmons when I saw his Candy typography where he used candy sprinkles to create the type.
Typo - Sweet


6. Hot-Tempered
– fire residue
– if you leave the fire on, it will burn everything

Sometimes I could be really hot-tempered. Hence for this attribute, I planned to use rope to represent myself where only my name was burnt by the fire. I saw a typography work by Michael Haffely where he used the chain of a pocket watch to make the word ‘Time’.
Typo - HotTempered


Consultation Feedbacks

2D > 3D execution
– Try to work around it
– Think of the art direction : Photography, Cropping etc.

Relation is not held together
– Play out ‘time’ more = concept
– Maybe something about ‘growing’, relate to yourself : e.g. local tea / local flowers

Positive & Negative connotation
– Duality
– What you see v.s. what they see : e.g. back-to-back?
– What is your position/thoughts on the attribute?
– Tongue-in-cheek : like an ‘oops’ thing


Moving forward

I will try to work around the 2D execution and think more on the ‘concept’ that can hold my attributes together so they seem to belong by a single artist. I thought that the duality concept may work well since most of my attributes are along that line.

I will also explore on the mediums I can use to create them (I was thinking a mix of handmade and digital). Hopefully by this week, I can confirm my concept and move on with the finalised work.

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