[4D II] Perceiving the Mind – Artist Statement

‘Perceiving the Mind’
An installation project by Dina, Rachel and Tiffany
Artist Statement  Ι  Research Paper Ι  Documentation

Artist Statement

‘Perceiving The Mind’ explores the inner thinkings of one’s mind through the ideograph of a tent – the video’s central motif – to symbolize the space of our mind. By projecting silhouettes from the exterior, it is up to the audience to apprehend the responses gestured by the passing crowd. Derived from Tracey Emin’s The Tent (1995), the audience has to crawl into the tent to view the work. This sanctuary, a small and safe space in a troubling world, is intended for a psychological experience as you question yourself, ‘Are they referring to me? Why?’.

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Believes in creating works that someone can not only see or touch but be part of, to be within them.

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