[Art History II] Visual Response – Reflection

“Jiak Simi”

The Object and Idea

Chinese ceramics had been the subject matter that I researched a lot through this semester’s Art History module. Other than gaining additional knowledge from lectures and tutorials, I was also aware of analysing an object thoroughly and finding reliable sources to support whatever I had claimed.

These skills were then applied to one of the Blue-and-White ceramics found on the Tang Shipwreck. My team members and I learned that the Chinese potters adapted the lozenge and foliage pattern from the Iraqi potteries just to appeal to these Middle Eastern customers. It was pretty fascinating how a simple ceramic could have multiple cultures mixed and blended together to form a new product.

We also looked into different countries which adapted and interpreted the blue-and-white ceramics into their own cultures. However, as technology advances and people around the world became more interconnected, local culture became more and more sidelined by global culture.

Our team would like to address this issue by using the blue-and-white ceramic to focus on a culture close to every Singaporean’s hearts; the food culture.

Work Allocation
During the research process, our team members divided each category to understand more in depth; myself on the cultures adapting the blue-and-white ceramics, Longfei on globalization, Nicholas on modern technology that influenced our generation and Xinfeng on various case studies.

Afterwards, we allocated tasks for the final visual response; Longfei on the central motif design, Nicholas on artist statement and rim motif design, Xinfeng on the website and myself on the QR Code and preparing materials/prints for the final presentation.

As I researched more in depth, I was amazed at how the blue-and-white ceramics managed to endure for so long, even till today. Not only the colours were simple yet elegant and sophisticated, the blue motifs were replaceable. There were various interpretations of the blue-and-white that I thought there were endless possibilities to its aesthetic design.

Through this project, I managed to learn that a great teamwork will definitely resulted to a great final outcome. I was glad my team members and I could get along really well that we were able to voice out any opinions and dissatisfactions. Not only the allocation of tasks helped to lessen the burden of each member, it also made us aware of our strengths and weaknesses.





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