[Narrative Interaction] Inspiration – Bangui l’oubliee

Bangui l’oubliee by Triangulaire (http://www.bangui-loubliee.com/)

A 360-degree or VR experience website that transports viewers to the pediatric center in Bangui, Central African Republic.

Bangui l'oubliee Website - Enter Page
Bangui l’oubliee Website – Enter Page

Bangui l’oubliée
is a VR film coupled with an interactive experience. It allows the viewer to discover the day-to-day operations of Action contre la Faim (ACF) in the Central African Republic, by visiting a pediatric hospital in Bangui. The main goal of this organisation is to do more than simply educating the public. They wanted to create a compelling journey that brings potential donors on location which documents how the donations are being used on-site to combat malnutrition and effect change.

Narration voice over
Narrative voice over

The website provides an in-depth look at ACF’s activities that also expands online channel for the organisation’s campaign. The film features ten emotional 360-degree videos that received more than 20,000 visitors since its launch and attracted new donors for the humanitarian organisation. Mettle SkyBox Studio was also used, a 360/VR plugin for After Effects in the 360 production pipeline.

Post-production :
The stitching of videos was done with Videostitch. They imported everything into After Effects, where SkyBox Studio was used for a first edit to present to the client. Once approved, they went ahead to use the SkyBox Studio in a few different ways :

1) Get rid of the tripod, fix some bad stitching (since it was easy to work with Equirectangular footage thanks to Mettle plugins)

2) Replace the sky with some HDRI maps and add optical flares

3) Use Mettle to add all the text and logos into the film

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