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Internet Art & Culture – Alter Ego (This is for a school assignment, please ignore, thanks)

Posted by Dina Anuar on Thursday, 24 August 2017

A Cat Whisperer
Social media has been a platform for us to express ourselves, especially what we think we should be perceived as. Although it is true that I love cats, I would sometimes exaggerate myself as a ‘Cat Lady’ online by posting photos of my cats.

I was greatly inspired by the ‘Godfather of Cat Photography’, Walter Chandoha, who spent almost 70 years capturing images of these feline creatures. Cats have so much more variety in their postures. I started by casually taking photos of my own cats (six of them) from the comfort of my home. They would either eat, sleep, play or simply stare at the wall. 

“You’ve got to have patience,” he says. “Sometimes you know what they will do, but you have got to wait a long time for them to do it.”

Once in a while, I would allow them to roam outside where I was able to get more dynamic shots of their wild instincts. By using #AHPMHLclan as a tag, I wanted to express the different personalities of my cats through my cat photography.

The existence of my alter ego is basically the other side of me living the Cat Lady life.

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Believes in creating works that someone can not only see or touch but be part of, to be within them.

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  1. Dina… very nice piece. I especially like how you reveal the mediated cats and then the real cats. Very interesting way to see how we view through the world through our lenses, and then when you unveil reality it is a bit startling.

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