4D: Impossibilities Of Being


The name of my work is “Fear“.

The main inspiration for this 90 images sequence are the movies “The Shining” and “The Ring”. With the theme being about fear, i hope to capture the idea of being trapped within a dreamscape, haunted by fear. The 3 transformations i captured, were of the protagonist’s emotional state and being. As he becomes more and more panicked and filled with fear, the demon becomes more and more vivid and real, from an apparition, to appearing directly to him. He attempts to run, but there is no escape, you cannot run from fear. And finally, he is taken over by his fear.



I learnt alot from this project, from photo shop to video editing and sound sampling, as it is difficult to simulate the effect of horror without sound. Also, choice of location and photography took abit of planning, as my images required heavy editing, and involved shooting of the location in both the day and the night. Improvements could still have been made, but overall i felt that i managed to hit my aim for this project.

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