Chaotica Renders + Test Animations

Continuing work from before, I did abit of reading onto the origins of

fractal generation, and came across a research paper by Scott Draves, detailing the mathematics

behind the whole fractal process, formulas for the functions behind the scripts, as well as the origins of the

.FLAM3 algorithm. (

Next I experimented with a more geometry assembly of scripts, resulting in an interesting geometric


Just to see what happens i threw in some of the more jarbled scripts like “Sinusoidal”, and i ended with the usual smoky,

wispy images.

Continuing from last post, the final render for the MAN was done in 3840 by 480, using a sample level of 7,

took about 12-18hrs to render 3600 Frames to create a 30s/1 min video.

This is the 2nd version, with an experiment on shaders to allow the original image to transform.

Next Up, I took some of my old processes and tried a different approach, playing around with

different scripts, going a different colour, going a different direction, ending up with some interesting results

that i may include in my final product.

Finally, i thought of making some gifs with Chaotica to experiment with its new animatino engine,

and here are my results.

Next, ill try composing some the different “firewave” works into a full length video complete with sound and see

where i can go from there.

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