A warm water blob was sitting off the coast, throwing the ecosystem into turmoil. The marine life scrambles to adapt to lethal waste dumped by humans. However, not all species able to adapt to these rapid changes as they do not have high levels of genetic variation.

Few years later, raging unknown mutant species of sea mammals roam about in the sea. They suffered harrowing tragedies as they watched their friends dying in the toxic ocean. They swore to avenge humans. They are the sea conquerors.







Approaching this topic/theme on Supernatural Naturalist, I realized I could be more innovative and creative.. This is because I noticed that most of my peers had ideas that similarly along the line – mostly on deep sea creatures and environmental issues caused by humans. Nevertheless, I had fun creating imaginary creatures that are weirdly dangerous looking. At start I wanted to try something new- acrylic pour but it does not work out like it suppose to after running few trials. Hence, that is the reason why I decided to drop that and just continuing illustrations and using photoshop. However despite that, i got to experience acrylic pour and will definitely explore more on that for my future projects. (below are some of the acrylic pours I made)

This sem had been a great and meaningful journey despite the COVID outbreak and all. I am satisfied when my banner was being printed out as the colors are gorgeous and wonderful. Thank you Prof Ina for the guidance, suggestions and ideas during consultations and in-class activities!