Marc Garrett and his partner, Ruth Catlow had initiated an online platform for collaboration and experimentation known as Furtherfield. They were inspired by the free and open software development and thrive to engage people to practice digital creativity. Basically, the term DIWO (Do It With Others) were originated from Furtherfield. The concept of DIWO aims to create a space for people to constructively explore their ideas to find a solution that extends one’s own limited vision.

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DIWO is closely related to what we have done this semester in class. For example our micro projects assignments requires java coding to make certain functions work or to make the ‘pong game’. Most of us will look up tutorials shared online as reference and realized that our codes may be structured differently but still works the same. This is the whole idea of DIWO, whereby we take learning points from each other and further improve with creative collaboration. The original ‘source’ are open to all, for us to remix, re-edit and redistribute it to encourage people to explore more options and ways on how to improve/expand the initial ‘source’.

As stated by Marc Garrett on the article, ‘DIWO (Do-It-With-Others): Artistic Co-Creation as a Decentralized Method of Peer Empowerment in Today’s Multitude.’:

” DIWO is playful re-interpretation and fruition of some of the principles, and reasons why Furtherfield was originally founded, back in 96-97. “

As such, we should always be open to share our ‘sources’ and welcome others to join in to collaborate and build a hybrid experience.

‘Maker Culture’ as a whole shown by image above:


DIWO (Do-It-With-Others): Artistic Co-Creation as a Decentralized Method of Peer Empowerment in Today’s Multitude.