Art Science Museum: Future world – is a futuristic world of high-tech interactive artworks created in collaboration with teamLab, a renowned interdisciplinary art collective.

My favorite piece in ASM will be the ‘Sketch Piston – Playing Music’ interactive LED installation. This installation allows us to compose our own musical masterpiece by drawing lines on the screens with our fingers to tapping the screens to drop a ball onto the drawn lines, the different actions will result in a symphony of joyous sounds.

With the more lines drawn and more balls being dropped, the more vibrant, animated and lively the environment become. And it is quite exciting to see the end results!


Another one of my favourite installation would be the interactive LED ‘hopscotch’. I had so much fun playing and bring out the inner child in me. First, I had to create my own ‘hopscotch’ on the standing screen in front. Afterwards I could play the hopscotch that I’ve created.

The most elegant and wondrous installation would be ‘Space’.  Infinite number of light particles inside the scintillating Crystal Universe. With over 170,000 LED lights, giving the illusion of stars moving in space. To conclude I really enjoyed my first trip to ASM as it gives me ideas and inspirations on how creative interactive installations could be.