Final Image Making Through Type – Project 1

Balloon Artist

A balloon artist which produces works of art installations which revolves around balloon. Balloons are considered as experiential, living art. They can be in different forms, material, consists of different mixtures of air particles.

Gold Smelter

Gold Smelter’s roles and responsibility includes the operation of melting  of gold and mould them into gold bars. Usually the location is near to the mining site, so as to ease the transportation. The melted gold from the furnace can be seen pouring down onto the letters and then becoming gold bars.

Jazz Café Owner

An owner of a café that does not only serves a wide variety of beverages but also offers nightly live jazz for my customers. (shown by the musical note of text “S”)      The classical neon sign can be seen on plastered concrete of the café exterior.

Rhythmic gymnast

A rhythmic gymnast usually performs with a ribbon and combines the element of ballet. The spotlight projects a bright beam of light onto stage which focuses on the “ribbon” text and a ballet shoes can be seen hanging onto it.


  1. Luscious outcomes! Do try to test print to see if you need to tweak the colours so that the liveliness of colours on-screen are captured in print.

  2. Thank you! Yup will do

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