Month: September 2017

Final Ikebana Models -Autumn

To recap, the chosen season is Autumn. Referring to my previous post -on the overall mindmap and research, I tried to implement a moodboard for better understanding of my concept of Autumn.

Instead of the popular concept of Halloween, I tried to research on the foods/ dishes that most popular or the most appropriate to match with the weather during Autumn season.

Ramen (/ˈrɑːmən/) (ラーメン rāmen) is a Japanese dish. It consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a meat or (occasionally) fish-based broth, often flavored with soy sauce or miso, and uses toppings such as dumpling, dried seaweed, meat and green onions.

Indeed, ramen is popular all-year-round regardless of seasons, but is especially perfect for the chill weather in Autumn. There is a popular culinary equation in Japan: Ramen = broth + noodles + toppings. Hence, I tried to include these 3 elements in my composition. The ramen is the noodles that I tried to wind it as a cone shape, whereas the broth would be the miso soup powder based clumped into a ball of sphere. Lastly, the toppings would be dumplings, hence the cyclinder is made up of dumpling skin.


Close up shots

TO SLURP OR NOT TO SLURP-  Know that slurping your ramen is a must with the Japanese. Now it’s time to indulge in the incredible chashu softness. “Gochisousama!” (Thanks for the meal)

Movie Quotes

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

By the Joker- The Dark Knight

From a korean drama called “Flower Boys Next Door”

Harry Potter- “My master has given me a sock. Master has presented Dobby with clothes. Dobby is free!”

from Beauty and the Beast

from Inception movie by Leonardo dicaprio

Bad Teacher (2011)

Ikebana research & sketch models


-intro to Japanese art of flower arrangement

Arrange the stems and flowers with many possibilities of positions and fastening. It requires a certain technical and expressive skills which takes about 3-5 years to master.

Various patterns and styles evolved throughout the years. There are many types of ikebana. The first one is Heika. A basic style of arrangement, uses tall vase and highlight vertical lines. The vase is usually had a narrow opening or tall. Heika arrangements consist of three main elements–the primary, secondary, and ornamental stems; their lengths, positions, and angles differ depending on the type of heika style used. In the slanting style, one of the most popular heika arrangements, the length of the primary stem is one and a half times the height of the vase, and the secondary and ornamental stems are around half the length of the primary branch. (

Another type will be Moribana which uses a shallow plate and kenzan.(a holder with many sharp points)The upright style is the most common; it exudes a feeling of stability and gravity. In this style, the primary stem is about as long as the diameter and depth of the container combined, with the secondary stem being around two-thirds and and the ornamental stem about half the length of the primary branch. (

Here’s a overall mindmap for my season theme: Autumn

Sketch Model 1


Sketch Model 2

Final: My line is Emo

Overarching storyline

The first emotion; optimism. It reflects the emotion I felt during the preparation stage before flying off to Vietnam. Happy, excited and full of optimism. This are being reflects on the linear lines that I portrayed in first piece. Some lines are bold, which are  the “happy” worries that I had, such as what clothes I should where, which shopping malls are better etc.

Surprises as soon as I reached there. It is a haven for shopping and there is a street in Ho Chi Minh that are lined up with halal foods. But like these bubbles that I portrayed in my second piece, it was only a fleeting moment of happy surprises. I did not foresee of what about to come.

Ho Chi Minh

A few days later, I felt despair. The micro dos that the makeup sponge produced, describe those tiny little feelings of uneasiness and unpleasantness that began to grew. Why Despair? Because I had been eating instant foods/ramen for the past few days. As I was in the rural part of the country with not much/almost none Muslims population, my available choice of food consists of seafood and vegetable. Unfortunately, I am allergic to seafood and did not fancy vegetable. Eventhough I expected these situations, I cant help but felt despair.


Street vendors selling foods

My fourth piece describes outrage. Finally, these feelings are getting intensified. My feelings started built up, with lack of proper sleep, exhaustion and no proper meal for few days. The mesh net produced an effect of “boiling in anger”. And then at some point it bursts into the rough, harsh lines that is being painted on that acrylic paper to create a rougher texture. All of the negative emotions combined and built up. Due to a commotion, which happened at Dalat night market which I will tell you in the next emotion.

Fear. At the Dalat Night Market, out of blue a police truck came and raided the entire place. I had no idea of what was happening at that time and was afraid of the situation. Later I realized that these street hawkers are not legal street vendors. I did not noticed that this night market was actually situated on a roundabout road, hence which is why the police chased the vendors away. They did not have the permissions and rights to sell. The whole situation evokes a sense of fear which represents the rough patches of these plastic marks. The linear lines are describing about the atmosphere/environment of the place. 

Dalat Night Market

Last piece describes longing. These white empty voids are the longing that I had during my last few days at Vietnam. I was longed for a good sleep, good food back home in Singapore. The strokes are in circular motion as when you longed for something, you will eventually get back to where it is.

Overall, the good and bad experiences are what makes travelling trip fun and unexpected. The bad ones are for me to learn and reflect on. And eventually when I looked back, the good memories over weighs the bad ones. 🙂

Techniques and research




Automatic techniques


Decalcomania is a process of transferring designs from prepared paper onto glass/porcelain and pressing paint between sheets of paper.


Frottage is a technique of rubbing from an uneven surface to form the basis work of art.

Automatic techniques



Fumage is a technique; smoke of a kerosene lam or candle on piece of paper/canvas.

Material and Applications of the Pandora

KEYWORD: Contrast

Please click to enlarge, thanks 🙂

For Model 1, the Dominant is plastic, Sub-dominant is granite and lastly, Sub-ordinate is metal(tungsten to be exact). The contrast is in terms of the material properties in relation to its size.

// concept // (assuming all 3 elements are of the same volume and size)

The D is the biggest among those 3 elements, but contrasting to the size, it is the lightest as it is made of plastic. The SD being the sub-dominant should be neither the lightest nor the heaviest hence, I chose granite as it fits the role. The SO is the smallest but contrasting to that it is heaviest in terms of density.

// applications //

-An elegant clean-edge washing sink, with a shiny-looking water tap accompanied by the mirror.

-An extravagant seating area with a feature wall column behind. The metal piece is a seat divider, as it is placed on the edge, for safety purposes.

Please click to enlarge, thanks 🙂

For Model 2, the materials/colors also plays a part in creating a contrast. The D is a reflective surface, SD is an opaque black whereas SO is transparent.

// concept //

I wanted to place the lighter elements which is the sub-dominant & sub-ordinate at the edge of the whole composition. This is to create a contrast between the lighter elements and the heavier (Dominant) element.

// applications //

-A wardrobe with a chalkboard and the transparent is a small compartment for her to-go-accessories.

-A high-end residential building with an infinity pool, along with a huge screen billboard/LCD screen.

Revised 3D Models

Below are my revised 3D Models composition using blue foam.

Revised 3D Model 1

In this composition, the lighter elements which is the sub-dominant and sub-ordinate, are being placed at one side of the composition. Both are at edge and considered the “white” part. Whereas the “black” part of composition will be the dominant which Is the block that act as the base. This creates a distinct contrast of “black” and “white” elements of the composition.

Revised 3D Model 2

For second revised composition, the materials will play an important role in evoking the sense of contrast. Firstly the dominant will be made out of lightweight compressed wood. Whereas the sub dominant is the block that interlocked with the dominant; made out of marble. Their materials are very irony to their outer appearance. The sub-dominant is small but heavy. The dominant is big but lightweight. Their properties are very contrasting with their appearance. 

Lastly, the sub-ordinate will be the small rectangular block that goes through the marble. It might be very small and insignificant but the material;mirror hologram, makes it stands out and contrast to its size, it’s the most shiniest.