Creative Robotics – Behaviour Bot

For Behaviour Bot, rather than a music piece, I decided to go with clips from movies. Following the Halloween season, I decided to choose between Frankenstein or Corpse Bride, and finalized on the latter. Watching the movie again, I found the proposal scene where the main character practices his proposing rather fitting for the project, and chose that audio clip.


Using Ableton and Arduino, I attached servo motors to a skeleton and programmed the robot to move according to the audio, creating “A Confession from a Skeleton”, where lonely souls can get a cute proposal from a skeleton during this Halloween season.

The head movement is made using two strings attached to each side of the skull, causing the head to get pulled left and right when the servos move accordingly. The arms are lifted by creating a sleeve made of straws on the arm, and then attaching a stick that is connected to a servo on the other end. As the servo moves, the sleeve slides up and down the arm, pushing the arm up and down accordingly.

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