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Helvetica – #chaoticneutral

Uniquity breeds contempt Ergo, the ability to fit in everywhere and all at once, regardless of how noble of a concept, breeds contempt   Personally, before I had any design education, Helvetica was a go-to typeface for literally anything. All my layouts or presentations were done in Helvetica, and somehow I thought that it was the most brilliant safe choice… Read more →

art nouveau | posters

Art Nouveau – the age of new and exciting art aiming to break free from the academic art-school standards. With the Industrial revolution and mass production at the back of everyone’s minds, art nouveau came about with the aim of ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, achieving total art in life. From illustrations to tableware and even architecture, it brought upon the ideal of combining… Read more →


[REALLY LONG POST] From what I could gather from the lecture, William Morris was a really determined and passionate man who would put in a lot of effort for something he believed in. Some could say that he might have been a jack of all trades, but it’s hard to say that he wasn’t successful in most of his endeavors.… Read more →

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