Month: February 2016

Lore // Entertainment

What would the mafia consider as entertainment? What’s happening in their local area? What are the common entertainment outlets that the people seek in Osaka Japan? Well there are a wide array of things to do. squarest watermelon growing competition hot springs to chill with people prostitution (the obvious that happens in a mafia run city) Drug addition. Heroin’s pretty… Read more →

Lore // Celebrations

Mafia can be all thug and fierce but yknw, they have celebrations too like normal people. 2 notable celebrations would be on the 4th of July and the 25th of December. (and no, its not america’s day or christmas). 4th July The Yakuza’s Meet the People sessions. Think about it as a way to reestablish the mafia’s power over the… Read more →

f i n a l

Hellu. My name is Wu You, and I ……… AM A WORK IN PROGRESS / MESS IN PROGRESS  who’s to say that a work in progress is not actually a mess in progress? well, i’m not sure either. it’s ironic, because something with a negative connotation (mess), can actually be referred to something positive (work).  Figure drawing works, scanned and… Read more →

4; Just like my mixtape….

it’s on fire.         ______________   (aka reason why you should add me on snapchat, also sorry I am aware of how low quality I am but my passion is 100% ok) Tracing paper’s cellulose surface doesn’t do well with fire as you can see how air fried it is It kinda spells my name. If you… Read more →

3; scans….?

-> crumpled paper in ink and that burnt fromage thing I did from previous posts.     I was messing around with the scanner. And had a guy (I think his name is darren) offer me agar agar (that he made) with paint on it to piak on paper. My process involves a lot of my mood so I guess… Read more →

2; More things

After consulting Prof Joy, there were a lot of things to work on. There’s a step between having a bunch of mess and having an artwork. It’s not all anyhow and throw paint around and calling it art. So now what I had to do was to fine-tune the effects that I liked with Chinese Ink, but try it with… Read more →

1; Idea & Experimentation

Hello. I’ve been a ghost member of the class for a while. BUT I EXIST. and I’m alive so i’m here to give a lil update of what I have been doing (finally). Typographic Portrait based on my name? Well the first thing I did when I heard the brief was to laugh because my entire name is an irony.… Read more →

Lore// Maf Laws

When you say law is it supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing? Its ironic, isn’t it, that the mafia hates the law but has their own set of laws for their peeps to obey. Hilarious. Well let’s start with the obvious one that everyone knows about. When a kobun or any member of the Yakuza disobeys… Read more →

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