Category: Lines (Artist Research)

Artist Research // – 2

Willem de Kooning + Franz Kline (words are too small, but yeah I was inspired by their use of ink/inverted colours + abstract marks. I used thread in this attempt to emulate the effect)     Robert Rauschenberg (inspired by the erased Dekooning drawing by Rauschenberg. He purchased a drawing by artist Willem Dekooning and erased his sketch, leaving an… Read more →

Research // – 1

Automatism “In fine art, the term “automatism” most often refers to a technique of subconscious drawing in which the artist allows his unconscious mind to take control.”   Detaching oneself from the process of creating art, allowing marks to be made based solely on one’s thoughts – that would be automatism’s true meaning. Artists like Rene Magritte used this as… Read more →

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