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how trash was made

Process of image transfer – using screen print medium and inverted images of the news article, I applied the medium and then the image over it and  used a hair dryer. IT started burning my paper but it wasn’t quite dry enough. Maybe leaving it in the sun would work better. The image didnt transfer as clean as I rubbed… Read more →

f i n a l

Hellu. My name is Wu You, and I ……… AM A WORK IN PROGRESS / MESS IN PROGRESS  who’s to say that a work in progress is not actually a mess in progress? well, i’m not sure either. it’s ironic, because something with a negative connotation (mess), can actually be referred to something positive (work).  Figure drawing works, scanned and… Read more →

3; scans….?

-> crumpled paper in ink and that burnt fromage thing I did from previous posts.     I was messing around with the scanner. And had a guy (I think his name is darren) offer me agar agar (that he made) with paint on it to piak on paper. My process involves a lot of my mood so I guess… Read more →

2; More things

After consulting Prof Joy, there were a lot of things to work on. There’s a step between having a bunch of mess and having an artwork. It’s not all anyhow and throw paint around and calling it art. So now what I had to do was to fine-tune the effects that I liked with Chinese Ink, but try it with… Read more →

Ego // – The End

Mixed Media; acrylic paint, collage, sewing, digital manipulation??? Overall Final (actual work after print) visit tumblr for higher resolution (OSS has its limits…..) http://zeplyth.tumblr.com/post/133717548794 From the dilemma of blaming a family member, dealing with addiction, hoping that I can face reality (see past what society/family wants me to not see to protect my innocence) and, y’know, Realising that conformity isn’t that… Read more →

Ego //- Process

  Bacon reference with the architectural details in the one featuring the hand. Maybe also a little bit in the style. Created the works by printing photos with my really bad printer at home (the ink smudges so easily), applying PVA glue onto a square template and over the works before painting. It allows me to create the paint peeling… Read more →

KIV works // – 2

        Just a few more explorations! I really like the line of Humpty Dumpty having a great fall, I feel like it could be interpreted in many ways. Also most my compositions seem to have the cross over the man’s eyes –   Crossing out one’s eyes seem to bring out a sense of shame. That helps… Read more →

KIV works // – 1

In comparison to the other ones that I have done, this appeared quite simple. I still like it though, not sure how it would flow with the rest of the works done. For this work, the composition somehow bothers me a lot. It’s so concentrated in the centre and make me uncomfortable…. This composition is confusing to me – Im… Read more →

Final // –

  My idea was to depict equality and its issues, especially in the context of USA (land of the free, you see.) Yes, we know equality exists as a concept and they seem to be trying very hard to make it work with LGBT pride parades and marriage legalisation…. but is it really that effective? The stigma remains and the… Read more →

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