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The Internal Warp of Singapore

The Internal Warp of Singapore (內经图) Project Purpose Singapore’s unique existence is owned to the fusion of Western ideals and Eastern traditions. This is echoed in the quote above mentioned by the late Mr Lee Kwan Yew.  As the heart of South East Asia, Singapore is widely known for its cultural hybridity. Her beginning as a humble fishing port was soon a matter of the past when Sir… Read more →

motifs, swatches and .psb files

first five motifs! referencing anatomical drawings from books about corpses…. casually… at first i was not as comfortable drawing from imagination so I decided to reference bones and parts of bodies that also looked like faces or scary things. (i know, great description right?) an issue here was that I drew them with pen and with cross hatches so when… Read more →

knock on wood

“Knocking on wood used to be a way of warding off suspected impending bad luck” (my mom told me to touch wood because i was googling about ghosts all day)   Idea Development   Food Offerings Especially during the 15th day of the Ghost Month, family members put out food offerings for their ancestors or the ghostly spirits who roam. These offerings… Read more →

art attack ;

STILL LIFE ONE ; my favourite still life remains as the first one. somehow i was in a good mood, perhaps, or i was just overly excited and didn’t worry as much. its always a good idea to plan on paper and with your cardboard ‘L’s before starting     STILL LIFE TWO; clearly in a less chirpy mood, opted… Read more →

morandi | lines vs depth

  These works show how Morandi uses a line to highlight forms but also create depth. Like for the second work, the pots in the back allowed him to paint dark lines between the pots in front, helping to make the forms shine and be highlighted while the ones at the back create some sort of depth. Its really interesting… Read more →

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