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2; More things

After consulting Prof Joy, there were a lot of things to work on. There’s a step between having a bunch of mess and having an artwork. It’s not all anyhow and throw paint around and calling it art. So now what I had to do was to fine-tune the effects that I liked with Chinese Ink, but try it with… Read more →

1; Idea & Experimentation

Hello. I’ve been a ghost member of the class for a while. BUT I EXIST. and I’m alive so i’m here to give a lil update of what I have been doing (finally). Typographic Portrait based on my name? Well the first thing I did when I heard the brief was to laugh because my entire name is an irony.… Read more →

Lore – LLTM

Japan – the land of technological advancement, unique culture and very polite people. So what exactly is up with Japan? Due to nuclear radiation caused by the unfortunate explosion of reactors, the waters of the country was polluted. As a result, everyone in the country had streaks of mutation within them. Many of them couldn’t take it and died, but those who survived… Read more →

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