I thought my Ego would look like this

But hey it didn’t feel right.


I was having fun with tiny squares and turns out hand + hand = hand didn’t make sense at all.

I think I should have realised that.
This was quite a fail but it did inspire the end product somehow so that’s great.


overview of the tiny squares….. I was having too much fun on snapchat clearly





This had no reference and was just a test of how I could try the Bacon style. This turned out to be following the analog colour harmony and yeah my final had more of this style. I didn’t use that many colours for final though.  This looked too happy to me. Also the lack of a photo reference meant an anatomically inaccurate hand that looks weird.

With that, more planning happened and…

IMG_0004 IMG_0003

I have plans laid out and started to work on them! The sketches were a mess but yeah it helped me plan out how to make the works look like a collective whole and not just a weird juxtaposition of different styles in all 12 squares.


More to ensue!

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