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Mafia can be all thug and fierce but yknw, they have celebrations too like normal people.
2 notable celebrations would be on the 4th of July and the 25th of December. (and no, its not america’s day or christmas).

4th July
The Yakuza’s Meet the People sessions.

Think about it as a way to reestablish the mafia’s power over the people in their territory. It’s a lot of going out to meet people at an event, and expecting them to arrive with flowers and offerings as though meeting a god or something. Of course, the Oyabun doesn’t appear at this event. He doesn’t need that risk. His right and left hand kobuns would organise and hold the meet and greets with the rest of the men, usually in the town center. They do serve food and drinks, it’s pretty much  a celebration of Yakuza’s establishments. Since it is perfectly legal for the mafia to own companies and run their shady businesses, they can usually get away with these events too. Underneath the smiling faces and friendly handshakes, you can see that they are actually instilling fear in the people, showing off their powers. It happens to coincide with America’s day of independence too…..but that’s just a coincidence (or is it?)


25th December
Family Day w/ the Yakuzas 

No, it’s not as cheesy as you think. It’s actually pretty cool. It’s like a banquet for all the members of the Yakuza, like that of a company’s Dinner and Dance event. You get to socialise and meet the other yakuza’s of different ‘departments’ that you don’t know about. Often times there would be heavy security outside guarding the event, it’ll be too easy to lose all your members if you aren’t being safe. Everyone would turn up in their best suit and tie (or dress, the oyabun doesn’t judge your choice in clothes, just do a good job at looking good pls). Good food and sake would be served, the oyabun would say a few words of appreciation, open champagne and praise the members who have been doing exponentially well for their business. That’s pretty much the gist of it – to bond and unite the mafia as one. Even the mafia needs some team building, man.

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