Museum of Marine Life 2119 – Update EIGHT- Creature ONE process, part ONE

Creature ONE process, part ONE Started this first creature with creating tabulation for all the features and characteristics given by people in the surveys, below are the fully results from the survey regarding creature one (octopus): Physical appearance 1 8 tapered cylindrical limbs that extend from its bulbous large head 2 Its arms have suction cups on the underside 3… Read more →

Museum of Marine Life 2119 – Update SEVEN

Below is the initial framework that I created to kickstart the process of the basic framework for creating all my creatures (including variations)   Below are two attempts to reproduce my initial framework in code (re-running the ‘code’ a few times will allow me to create different variations every time) Code system for genesis of the creatures (First attempt):  … Read more →

Museum of Marine Life 2119 – Update SIX

Readings and Findings Readings ONE (BOOK) After reading Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, I notice a pattern of writing which allows me to imagine the city vividly although it was the same place described by Marco Polo. Below is a series of findings about how to section information so that users can imagine more effectively.   I categories the sections… Read more →

Museum of Marine Life 2119 – Update FIVE

This post is to make preparations for mid semester presentation as well as to pin down my overall concept What is my overall concept? To recreate a series of sculptures of marine creatures that are extinct due to Anthropocene Purpose Of This Project Create conversations on Anthropocene Process Step One: Surveying – Surveying people to get their “hear say” (Acts… Read more →

Museum of Marine Life 2119 – Update TWO

Recap of concept My idea revolves around a marine biologist (Dr. ) who lives in the year 2119 where all marine creatures are extinct due to an array of pollutions(caused by humans). To educate his people, he wants to build a collection of animated marine creatures sculptures. The surveys in my project acts as a kind of ‘hear say’ from the people… Read more →

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