Posted by Nicholas Makoto on Tuesday, 24 October 2017

For our test run, we tried to perform the effect of us merging our faces on the grid. The Grid being a row of 4 columns.

1 2 3 4


The visual effect we intend is for Grid 1 and 4 to have half a face, that eventually meets to form one full face, made up of half a face on Grid 2 and Grid 3

We also tried the “human 360 panorama” effect, where we stand together, with our backs to each other, and we pass the phones to the person on the right.

The subsequent effect is us rotating in the aforementioned formation, so that the visual in the grid is like that of a rotating panorama.

While, silly, we hope that the ensuing visuals would be both entertaining and open up other ideas for other formations in other livestreams.

Our concerns still lie in being synchronised, but we have a couple of ideas on how to make that work.

Seeing our test broadcast in the grid would probably help us troubleshoot some issues and where to go from this point.