For this EGO assignment, I have decided to go with a Japanese Aesthetic.

I’m really fascinated by the distinct look it has and my aim is to figure out how to convey the look in my own way.

The way they use typography, at first glance, looks so haphazard and doesn’t seem to follow any rules, and yet, it just seems to work.



I mean, look at this mess, but it does work. It ends up being the aesthetic. I figure, there must be a balance to be found, preventing it from plainly looking like JUST a mess. The same seems to extend into the more outlandish styles of Japanese Street Fashion.

Even their CD cases have the fat border on the left, pretty much a synonymous feature with Japanese Edition releases.

Their use of shapes and colour is also something I am currently delving into. I’ve noticed their usage of random shapes, which brings an almost child-like vibe to it, personally. Some of the illustrations are also what some would consider to actually be for children.


Still, I’m really intrigued by the mindset and process that ends up at these visuals.

One of my references will be the band Boredoms, one of my favourite bands, also referenced to in my Dadaism Post~

The closest thing they have to a frontman, is Yamantaka Eye (up in the air). He creates artwork for the band as well as for external projects and they range from psychedelic collages to (once again) simple shapes.

Some of it is pretty out there (as is their music), but I fully intend to utilize the visual style of his collages for one of the squares to convey a psychedelic vibe.

Other influences I will be drawing upon, Joy’s suggestion of researching into Japanese people has helped generate more ideas to source from. It’s been pretty fun, especially since stepping out of ideation limbo onto a definite visual track. Researching has also been enjoyable, particularly when ideas get sparked from unlikely sources!

Apologies as I can’t upload pictures of my work at the moment. I left my thumb drive that had my work at a printing shop and by the time I got there, they didn’t have it. :'(

Will do so as soon as I get back to my images in hall!