Pandora’s box – Modifications & Process (Part 2)


The sub-ordinate was made to pierced through the sub-dominant of the model, however, this made the model gain stability and lose the feeling of tension. Thus, I modified the model for the sub-ordinate to be horizontal and wedged by the side of the dominant and cradled by the sub-dominant.


Materials used for final:

The sub-ordinate should be made thinner and made of a strong material to support the sub-dominant. I intend for the sub-dominant to be made of a heavy material (preferably stone or cement) in contrast with a hollow and lighter dominant, to intensify the tension. The dominant will be made using acrylic or wood.

Testing the effect of brass:

Brass was ideal to hold the sub-dominant and dominant.

Using plaster for sub-dominant:

I decided to use plaster for the sub-dominant as I wanted something  heavy (initially, either stone or cement). As plaster is quick-drying, I chose to use it instead.

Mold for plaster casting
Attaching the sub-ordinate onto the mould for cradling
Pour plaster mix into mould
Dry overnight
Test model

The plaster was too heavy to be supported by the bass strip and hollow acrylic cuboid. Thus, for the final model, soft clay will be used to create the illusion of weight with similar texture to plaster.

Acrylic box for dominant:

I tried using blue acrylic for the dominant (an aquarium). The finishing was not good as a glue gun was used. Acrylic glue will be used for the final.


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