In Class Activity 4: Expressive Words Opposing Pairs

In class we had to design a creative way to express relationships between a opposing pair of words and come up with 3 different ideas. I chose the opposing pair “Open – Closed” .


In Class Feedback: 
– Reduce the tracking so the group of letters have a sense of density in a line , which gives a closed off feel. With this said, you could take off the block of line on top of the word closed (unnecessary).
– You could disperse the “P E N” so it is not aligned, but disorganised and free.

Refinement of Idea #3 after feedback: Reflection/Thoughts?
Through this activity, we learned how to properly give a critique and feedback to help us improve on our works. It also helped us explore and challenge different ways we can perceive words and how others perception on the same word may be different- resulting a totally different outcome due the subjectivity of type.

Author: Daphne Ngatimin

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