Project 1- Image making through type

In Project 1, we were tasked to express 4 jobs via typography. Since the project gives us a lot of freedom in the jobs we could explore, I narrowed it into these jobs: Plastic surgeon,Barber,Race car driver and Bartender.For each job I proceeded to create a mood box and select a few colour schemes, to give me a starting point in my research and also for some inspiration.

For this composition,I was inspired by how bartenders perform tricks and mix different types of alcohol using their cocktail shakers. Also the alcohol bottles comes in a variety of colours and forms which provide me more material to see patterns .Font wise,i decided to use some of the coasters I've collected from bars to give me an idea of what font to base my design off. I notice from the coasters that font varies from Thick and bold, cursive and elegant and thin.The colour scheme I've selected for this design is based off the colour of whiskey,which comprises of mainly orange,red,and yellow.

There was too much details on the cocktail shaker drawing attention away from my lettering,thus the letter D was drowned out.I decided to thicken the line quality for the D H and A, and removed the unnecessary details from the ice cubes and shaker making my name more prominent in my design.Orange is an energetic colour and pops compared to grey which is dull and recedes into the background.I coloured the lettering in orange to bring it out more.


When I think of plastic surgery,liposuction,lip fillers, botox and breast augmentation surgery are the few procedures that come to mind.I decided to create lettering based off of these surgeries.Cosmetic surgery focuses on "before and after" effect.The font tends to be more aesthetic,whereby the fonts are more elegant,clean and minimalistic with more 'curves'.Pink is sometimes used in the logos as it is a feminine colour,while teal gives off the normal clinic/medical vibe. 


For this composition the first two letters D and H the focus is on the positive space whereas for the A and N it is on the negative space.Mimi commented that my D H and N was not obvious enough,So I changed the icon for the lettering itself.
D = Rhinoplasty/facelift
H = Breast augmentation surgery
A = Tummy tuck
N = Fat transfer/butt lift
I used both pink and teal in this design to differentiate between the before and after effects of plastic surgery and to mimic surgical markings.

Emblematic logos seem to be a running theme when I looked into barber shop logo designs. An emblem logo consists of font inside a symbol or an icon; think badges, seals and crests,which means that within the emblem itself,there are repeating motifs:scissors,combs,razors..etc. The font tends to be capitalised and bolded with minimal spacing between the letters.For this composition I decided to create my initials using the repeating motifs. Apart from the blue and red colour scheme normally associated with barber shops because of the barber pole,black,white and green is used. 
Inspired by the negative space used in the F1 logo I decided to do racer for the final composition.The F1 cars have many brand sponsors that can be seen on the drivers' suit cars itself,ranging from cigarette brands,electronic brands and even telcos.These companies' logos have fonts that tend to be minimalistic but bold,focusing on the lettering themselves.Since most of these logos are rather flat and just text,i wanted to incorporate some perspective to make the design more convincing.The colours seem to be mainly red,black and white with hints of yellow. 

The form of this design was too similar to one of the F1 older generation logos.The original logo was designed to resemble the minimal form of the F1 circuit, so by adding more detail (lengthen track, lane markings) to the circuit it seems like the car is zooming in and out of the paper, adding depth to the design.