3D pandora box-Final


One of my artist/architect inspirations was Kuma Kengo.I liked how he uses wood,metal,plants and other contrasting materials to give his work a fresh,unique look.I tried to incorporate this into my final project.From my last post,I mentioned that i was going to incorporate mirror into my final design.My final 3D model is below.

I wrapped the foam at the base which is the Subdominant(SD) feature with reflective paper(mirror),substituted the stem part of my model with a wooden skewer which is the Dominant(D)feature, and used styrofoam which I painted black for the subordinate(SO) box.All three boxes have different textures and materials.The SO box has a rough matte black surface,the D is made of wood and the SD “metal”.


I used the piercing method to allow the  SO box to slide up and down the wooden skewer so theres control over the size of void I can make.If the  base was more of a mirror material it would better reflect the size of the void.It would make it look as if it is double in size.I used a satay stick as it has little presence,which emphasises the size of the void between the SO box and the subdominant(SD) base.I

A small scale application for this model would be maybe a shower.Its minimalistic, clean and adjustable,supposing the SO box is the shower head.A large scale application would be a crane of some sort,where the SO acts as a cabin which can rotate and lower accordingly and the SD acts as the wheels or truck that usually carries these cranes.

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