Character for Acting

Character 1

A student stole a mobile phone from his friend. He successfully guessed the passcode of the phone. He stole the phone is because he was pranked by this friend recently. With the phone, he can find something for revenge.

Upon searching, he found out that this friend is hooking up with his brother’s girlfriend. The friend, whose phone was stolen, made a huge fuzz about the thievery, causing the involvement of the police. Character 1 struggled to return the phone. He tried to get rid of the phone. However, he could not bear the secret for long and kept it as evidence. Soon, he told his brother the truth. His brother gets his gang to interrogate the friend and expose character 1’s crime in the process.

The key scene for this character: After some dilemmas, He called his brother to his dorm. His brother warned him about the thievery before he took out the phone and admitted his misdeed. His brother was furious and scolded him. He frantically explained his motives but it did not stop his brother to report, so he unveiled the cheating messages to his brother. His brother was in denial at first but was convinced by the evidence. After some thinking, his brother decided to take care of it personally, leaving character 1 in a harder situation than before.


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