ACT 1:

Howard and May are the main couple in this story. Howard is an ordinary student, and so is May. When they first met in high school, it was at a high school library. You can say they fell in love in first sight, or maybe just because Howard accidentally pushed over a book and it fell on May’s head. Whatever it was, their meeting was considered as the good old cliche word, fate. Howard was from another school, and he was just visiting the library before a competition, which May was the opponent. They started text each other, quietly sat beside each other in a gathering movie session, they exchanged gifts, until Howard popped the question when he was walking her home.

Of course it was not WYMM, but the one before that. They were then official, to their friends. They kept their relationship secrets from their families. You see, May came from a rather wealthier background, that didn’t mean her family concerns about class, but more of a you-must-concentrate-in-your-study kind of way. As for Howard, well it’s basically the same but his family hoped that stability is his first priority. Even though going underground, they cherish every moment they were together.

After they graduated from high school, Howard got accepted into the local university. May was definitely happy for him but she had to break the news — she got to study abroad, in another continent. It was going to be a long distance because May can only return to her home country once in a year. They worried about all the problems they might face as most of their friends never even last a month after interstate relationships. After the consulting with his best bros and her sista’s who eventually study abroad together, they decided to give it a try.

The bros and sista’s gave their own LD survival guide throughout the first stage of the year, and tons of hilarity occurred, getting themselves into various troubles and embarrassment. But thanks to their “power of love”, they survived the first year.

May returned to her hometown and her man during the vacation months. They spent a lovely montage of moments during her stay.

ACT 2:

On the second year, Howard met a girl who developed feelings to her. At first, Howard did not notice all the signals the girl gave, and just considered her as a female-bro. But the rumours spread out quicker than their instagram photos, adding insecurities in May. Her sista’s thought of a way for her to secure her position, but ended up miserably with the couple fighting over Skype.

The “cold war” started. May had then starting to get used to a life without Howard, and this statement had shocked her sista’s. Her sista’s warned the bros to inform Howard about the situation. The bros confronted Howard and proved that the new girl had a crush on him. They gave Howard a choice, letting go or embrace her back.

ACT 3:

Howard went to find the new girl, just to tell her that he was belong to someone else. The new girl understood and sent her blessing to the couple, leaving with tears of course. Howard then found a way to get with May, or rather get with May.

May was feeling alone on the streets of the emptied dorm, due to her stay over the break. She started to miss the days with companionship, she thought about Howard. Howard surprised her by the gate of the University. The couple reunited and the cold war ended.

2 years later, the couple introduced each other to their parents. They have became the model couple among their friends as well.

Myth retold: The cowherd and the weaver girl. Focused on how they can only reunited with each other once per year.

Genre: Rom-com

Logline: A couple trying to get over the obstacle/relationship problem that not many movie had talked about.

Title: Rooftop

Summary: A girl invited a boy to find her at the rooftop.

Story structure: 3 arc structure

Genre: Intended to be Tragedy. Perhaps the acting in the beginning was assumed as comedy during screening. Though I am not sure how. (Serious.)

It’s started as a random short video idea as we don’t usually tell the whole process in a short video.

Now that I think of it, I may got influenced by the film I’ve watched during the time, Se7en. Se7en has a clue for revealing the real murderer in the middle of the film, where John Doe disguised himself as a reporter, and can be spotted portrayed by Kevin Spacey. Similarly, there’s a photo in my video which its duration intentionally shortened hinting the twist at the end. Please scroll to 1:10.

Hope that changes a tiny perception. Thank you guys for watching it through, although feeling cheated.

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Part 1: Me

I like visual arts especially moving images. The best activity to represent me is my love for watching movies. Watching movies is how I spend quality time with my dad as well, therefore it doesn’t matter how long it is, as long as it’s good, enjoyable, memorable, I will watch it, regardless the media I used. (Yup, so is downloaded files, which is quite a conflict to my future desired career.)

Speaking of career, I’ve always let myself run wild imagining stories. I determine myself to make a living out of my own creativity. Easier said than done, I am still working on writing my own style of creations.

Back in my high school years, I was always recognized as the cameraman. I’ll be glad to help anything that relies on camera and my passion for it is what brought me here to ADM. I like to stand behind the lens, documenting every moment for my families, friends, and myself. Sometimes, it even teaches me to cherish the moments with my senses, avoid missing any moments just because I need to set my camera.

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Part 2: My object

I chose my video mic by RODE as it’s one of the tools that get me where I am. I am able to expand my portfolio thanks to it providing my work quality sounds. It also enables me to gain trust and work opportunity from the people I’ve worked with by giving them the professional impression and professional outcome as well.  But fundamentally it’s a symbol of my starting point pursuing my dream career. It’s the proof of my dad approval for me to do what I love.



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Part 3: My world

When I was in my previous college, I worked for a research center as a repayment for my scholarship. That research center turns out to be a historical center for Nanyang University(NU), the predecessor of NTU. What was left by NU are the buildings and monuments shown in the photos. The Chinese Heritage Center is in fact the administrative center then while the tablet of NU is a replica of the real deal back in the days. I have working through all the historical photos back in college and now being able to see the real deal is quite an amazing experience. As for the last photo, I frame the representative building of both universities together to show how time can change anything, that’s how history works.