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Human Presence

Human Presence through wear and tear and friction   Images courtesy of : Yu Zhen Human Presence through use Certain items, because of context and arrangement, you not only see the human presence but know exactly what they were doing Image Courtesy of : Nik Oen   Image Courtesy of artdesignandmemes   Human Presence through mistakes To make mistakes is… Read more →

Siah Armajani

Profile Is an Iranian-American Artist (Born in Iran, Immigrated to the US Most famous for his sculptures, drawings and Public artworks (He calls public sculptures) Greatly influenced by poets and Western Philosophy. Influenced by Persian Calligraphy Was not trained as an artist – He was a Mathematician Influenced by Constructivism Conceptualist approach to investigating spaces. Viewed public as something “Shared,… Read more →

Nintendo devices – Health and Fitness

Brief History of Nintendo Started out in 1889 as a Nintendo Koppai by Fusajiro Yamauchi¬† and sold Hanafuda Cards. Then ventured into Toys and started selling video games 1975 Now they are a successful game company that does game making (design of consoles), game development, game publishing and game distribution (through their online stores)     Nintendo and Innovation While… Read more →

Prototype 1: Game Rules

Body & Soul Setup: 4 player game, two pairs. One pair is called Pair 1 and the other is called Pair 2. On player in each pair becomes the body while the other player in the pair becomes the soul. The body has to be blindfolded.     Objective : For Pair number 1: Get your “Body” to reach the… Read more →

LED strip Project Progress

Hellloooooooooooooo Inspirations : Tamagotchi, Digimon, Pokemon Go raids .Collectively working towards something. Initial Sketch: Tamagotchi Idea Step 1: Tested out Hall Magnetic Sensor So the Hall Magnetic Sensor works yay, but it does not work in the way that I want it to. I wanted the hall magnetic sensor to be able to measure different magnetic strengths so that I… Read more →

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