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2nd Night Painting

Street Divided (2017), Oil on wooden board. Image credit: The Forge

I really enjoyed the process of composing this painting. The ‘horizon’ of the street casts a strong horizontal at 1/3 of the painting. This contrasts and dialogues with the central vertical of the walking path and the many intersecting verticals made by the trees. The strong vertical of the path is softened with the intersecting shadows of the trees, adding rhythm and repetition to the composition.

The street lamp, tree and shadow form a U-shape in the central foreground, guiding and circulating the viewers gaze.

I amplified the light behind the trees in order to draw the viewers gaze between the foreground and background. The warm light is inviting, and makes the end of the walkway seem like a destination.

1st Night Painting

After the Rain (2017), Oil on wooden board. Image credit: The Forge.

We carried our easels to the grass slope above ADM in the hopes of catching a higher view. Fresh air and a lovely night! The biggest challenge for this night landscape was seeing in the dark. This location didn’t have lights so it was difficult to discern and mix colours in the darkness. Thank goodness for phone flashlights!

Pan n’ Tilt 2.0

Documentation for second iteration of pan and tilt, now including lights to enhance the overall experience. Inspired by the movement and sound of water.

The four corners of the gyroscope correspond to the 4 lights and speakers. Tilting the gyroscope downwards in one corner intensifies the blue and brightness of the light, and increases the volume of the corresponding speaker. This decreases the volume of the speaker in the opposite corner, and drains the blue and brightness from the light, making it appear whiter and dimmer.

Improved the sound increment from the first iteration of pan & tilt by using the table object. The volume transition from when the gyroscope is leveled to being tilted is now smoother and more gradual.

Note: Second half of video has no sound but will fix ASAP! Edit: sound fixed