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Artist Reference – Frank J. Guzzone

Frank J. Guzzone  (Instagram @fjg_3d)

He is a 3D & Product Designer. Currently working at Sidewalk Labs.

As I am now keen to create 3D typography as my final outcomes, I have decided to research on Cinema 4D Artists, to know more about this software, different materials that I could use and also different manipulations that I can ventured with. His works does not really focuses much on 3D typography, but more of 3D rendering objects/space.

Most of his works, he used soft complementary colours such as different shades of pastels. He also uses the material ‘iridescent’, which is the same trait that I discovered which most C4D designers makes use of.

His works inspires me as I am now able to visualize what are the backgrounds/space to use for in this software and also the kind of rendering I could produce.


Artist Reference – MACHINEAST

Machineast – is a collective design studio that focuses on key visual, motion graphic, typography and graphic design for social media content, advertising and website based in Singapore. Machineast is the brainchild of Fizah and Ando.

Personally, I admired their works and for this assignment, I would like to create 3D typography of my names. Below are some of their works that I had referenced with:

The ‘iridescent’ material for the above artworks, amazed and intrigued me. Most of these works were being done in C4D. This material is what I would like to explore in my work.

These duos also had done 3D typography for Marina Bay Sands (above image). The fonts are manipulated and represented in different forms; ie. ribbon, tubes. The colours used also plays an important role to make a contrasting rendered image.



images taken from:

Pareidolia Exercise

During our first lesson, me and Azizah went around the school in search of Alphabets – in pareidolia form!  Pareidolia is a type of apophenia, which is a more generalized term for seeing patterns in random data.