Frank J. Guzzone  (Instagram @fjg_3d)

He is a 3D & Product Designer. Currently working at Sidewalk Labs.

As I am now keen to create 3D typography as my final outcomes, I have decided to research on Cinema 4D Artists, to know more about this software, different materials that I could use and also different manipulations that I can ventured with. His works does not really focuses much on 3D typography, but more of 3D rendering objects/space.

Most of his works, he used soft complementary colours such as different shades of pastels. He also uses the material ‘iridescent’, which is the same trait that I discovered which most C4D designers makes use of.

His works inspires me as I am now able to visualize what are the backgrounds/space to use for in this software and also the kind of rendering I could produce.