EX – BePartOfTheArt

For this first exercise, we had a bunch of playful ideas:  From making people tongue-fight for a fruit on stick while being trapped in the same cardboard box to intertwining them with the most obscure objects and observe their interaction. However, we didn’t.

We didn’t as we realised we had to give minimal or no instructions for this exercise. And the point was to just choose an object and ‘just do it’. So we did.

I came across a couple of art pieces made from nature during the holidays hence I decided to use an item we see daily along our walk into school or literally everywhere outdoors to be the art.

Another aspect we wished to observe was honest interactions and reactions. The best focus group would have to be – children! For a clearer idea of the anticipated difference in reactions, we compared the interaction using a similar object but with youths instead.


Observation: Kids really give the most genuine responses and they make you think through your art – what would you do differently? Imagine displaying our works at public spaces, what would we change or tweak to allow our work to be understood or appreciated by everyone? (family-friendly..different age groups etc.)


Group members: Lay Hsing Ern Valerie, Tan Siew Hua