WIP – Sound



Sound was a good opportunity to experiment on the ideas floating around in my head.

I started with what I could find at hand, a broken guitar

Some of the results were better than I expected, but sometimes the same experimentation didn’t yield the same results as seen in the video.

However from that one thing alone, I could conjure up something along the lines of what I was looking for, which really started the subsequent treatment of audio.

I accidentally created a 2 hour long drone ambient sound from my timelapse video, and there were quite a few nuggets in there.

Birds sounded like whale song and any repetitive sound were like sirens echoing in the background.

Subsequently I also recorded my breathing, the fan (because whenever it hits a mic it’s always sounded like rocks tumbling)

LINK TO SOUNDS: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gBlUsgO4nR6mxB6MPqOKB2LJLGkTLUTI

but what was really golden, was the recording I did of the temple chants. When slowed down, it instantly started sounding like throat singing, which is something I’m already big on.

and with that the basis for my introductory sound into my final video.

Sound was also a good opportunity for goofing around with mashups that occur in my head that I never make.



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