Curating Self: Process and Research (Task 2)


For My World, I chose a place I frequent due to its minimal interior and white walls that I find calming. I was inspired by Wolfgang Tillman’s photography series of still-lifes that mainly consist of a white environment and compositions of objects.
“Schneckenstilleben” 2004
“Osaka Still-life” 2015

Using the natural light from windows, the photographs seem taken from a real setting when in reality the objects are purposefully composed in the shot.

Composition of objects I had with me on hand.

The images I took in “my world” consists of a tabletop in front of a window. While the objects are not arranged into a composition, I tried capturing the scene in that moment in time from a slight angle below eye level. I eventually cropped out additional details, such as the chair on the left to give it a cleaner look.

Experiment with warm vs cool tones:

by Alina Ling


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