Interactive Storytelling – Final Installation & Viewers’ interactions


What you know (before)

Along the corridor, missing posters of Jane are pasted to give the viewer some background information on the situation of Jane’s disappearance.

What you see

The viewer will be met with an enclosed black cube – scene of the incident

The viewer is given five minutes to explore the space.

Overview of the room:

Interaction with the laptop (Jane’s facebook, Zhi Yu’s facebook and Carousell chat):

What you can touch

  • Russian Dolls with the stalker’s hidden desires and intention

  • Tabletop and floor: Find out more about the stalker (His age, unemployment, lifestyle, motif)

  • The stalkers obsession with Jane
    Writings on the photographs “beautiful baby doll” “I love you”

    “I will see you soon, Jane”
  • Implied ending or demise of Jane
    Jane’s uniform


What you find out

Jane (16) that disappeared on 15 November, was a victim of physical and cyber stalking by a middle-aged retrenched security guard, Koh Zhi Yu (33). Due to her careless use of the Internet, Zhi Yu have access to her photos, information, whereabouts and schedule that allowed him to carry out his obsession easily. On his birthday, Zhi Yu’s desire reached a breaking point and wanted his “baby doll” as his birthday present. Luring her with Adam Levine tickets on Carousell, he managed to get the gullible and over-trusting Jane to his little hideout and shrine where he got what he wanted.

Links between space and digital mediums:

  •    Photos with the stalker at the back of the photo
  • Jane’s post complaining about her timetable and the printed copy in the room

  • Childhood photos and pictures taken from Jane’s Facebook onto Zhi Yu’s photo wall
  • Jane’s desperate request for Adam Levine tickets and the Carousell deal

This installation warns teenagers to be wary of the dangers of the Internet by experiencing the warped mind of the obsessed. It teaches you to be aware and be careful of the twisted misuse and exploitation of  information on social media platforms.


Viewers’ Interactions and Reactions


Hope you enjoyed our installation! 🙂

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